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5 tháng 3, 2014

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Jane Green

A fervent affair derails the ho-hum life of a fortysomething mom in Tempting Fate, the latest from the chick lit phenom whose characters now face the trials of middle age.

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The author of the revealing memoir Girl, Interrupted returns with a thinly veiled account of her unconventional childhood in the dark, humorous Cambridge.


Benjamin Black's Favorite Noir Books

Get your crime fix in these recs from the writer who revives The Big Sleep's detective, Philip Marlowe, in The Black-Eyed Blonde.

Dinaw Mengestu's Favorite Books About Revolution

The sweep of political change, tinged with hope and turmoil, dominates his new novel, All Our Names, as well as these five picks.

Mai Jia's Favorite Chinese Novels in Translation

China's best-selling author of the spy thriller Decoded shares his favorite works by his countrymen, all available in English.


Daniel Levine

The villain of The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde seizes his chance to tell his version of the story in the new historical thriller Hyde, set in gritty Victorian London.


The Lost Sisterhood

by Anne Fortier (Goodreads Author)
This historical adventure tells parallel tales of an Oxford lecturer seeking archaeological proof of the Amazons (the female warriors of Greek mythology) and an intrepid Amazon queen embroiled in the Trojan War.

Sous Chef

This savory day-in-the-life memoir takes place over just 24 hours and captures the frenzied pace of a sous chef, a high-stress position that the author knows well from his years working in four-star restaurants.

The Enchanted

by Rene Denfeld (Goodreads Author)
A death row inmate fills his solitary days by imagining a magical world in place of his prison cell; meanwhile a dogged investigator works to commute the sentence of another condemned man in this redemptive literary novel.

The Hotel on Place Vendôme

Partying, flirting, and double-crossing in occupied Paris: The glitterati of the Hôtel Ritz rubbed elbows with Nazi officials and French resistance fighters alike. Mazzeo chronicles the antics of the high-flying Ritz regulars.

The Weight of Blood

by Laura McHugh (Goodreads Author)
Two mysteries converge in this thriller set deep in the Ozarks. When Lucy Dane investigates her friend's brutal murder, the clues dredge up the disappearance of her own mother and the long-held secrets of her small town.

The Winner's Curse

by Marie Rutkoski (Goodreads Author)
In this young adult fantasy, a general's daughter buys a slave at auction, only to find herself drawn to his defiant strength. But revolution is brewing, threatening her aristocratic way of life, and her slave is harboring a secret.


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by J. Mark
It's tragic
the way that everything falls away
when you name it:

those there, looming over this
here, their darkness,
their ability to catch the light
from that, there, hanging brightly.

It sounds so ridiculous to say it that way,

but there they all are:

the sun in the sky
over the small green earth, the peaks
that pull the horizon so close, so high,
glowing, their valleys blue-black
with shadow.

In our eyes they are the mountains
that we were promised: immutable.

But in word
they may as well be made of sugar.
They melt under their names
as under a hot running tap.

I could say nothing,
I should

give up singing these empty psalms,
hold your face tenderly between my hands
and turn it towards the view

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